Why work with Commercial USA™

We have high standards in all we do

Commercial USA™ is a commercial flooring alliance, comprised of over 160 member companies across the United States, all of whom meet our standards for quality and excellence.

Our members enjoy enhanced relationships with suppliers through the size of our membership, which allows them to offer an extra level of service to their clients. This helps make them among the best flooring contractors in the industry.


Our members represent over $5 billion in sales, and they hold themselves to the highest of standards to deliver reliable, quality service.


Commercial USA™ Flooring Alliance is a division of American Home Surfaces Group®.

Our Six Pillars of Success

What we bring to the table



Commercial USA™ members treat each other like family, because we are a family of independent contractors that experience similar situations on a daily basis. Our members have developed efficient ways to handle their flooring business. Members share those experiences and best practices via our meetings and online platforms.


Commercial USA™ offers several venues for its members to communicate with each other and with our suppliers. From problematic issues of all sorts to a regular supply chain working as designed, we stress the importance of, and assist with the implementation of good communication between everyone involved.


Commercial USA™ is committed to its membership to help them improve their businesses at every level. From enhanced relationships with their supply partners, best practices with their internal business operations and sales and marketing. Our commitment allows our members to focus on and grow their daily operations.


American Home Surfaces Group® and Commercial USA™ Flooring Alliance members are represented strategically through a 14-member National Advisory Board made up of top commercial flooring companies that stay in close contact throughout the year with Commercial USA™ management, staff, Flooring Contractors and Material Suppliers.


Commercial USA™ supports its members in order to make their businesses better. It is that simple. Whether it is providing assistance with a problem, offering a suggestion for a better way forward in a business practice, or recommending a new technique or method, our collaborative and cooperative approach lifts all members together.


Commercial USA™ offers its members regular training and education sessions in conjunction with our preferred suppliers and our affiliate partners to allow them to be the most knowledgeable contractors in the industry. This training ranges from the best way to install various products to how to choose the right industry specific software to make your business more efficient.
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