Independent yet United

The value of membership

Independent yet United

Commercial USA™ requires no upfront investments and does not ask you to surrender control of your showroom, commercial library or business decisions. We will not tell you what to sell. We understand it is about choices that involve products best suited for your customers on a per-job basis. Our members will not be policed or pressured into choosing anything specific for your business. We consult with you on why something is good for your business.

Commercial USA™ members negotiate their own local pricing and are not penalized when becoming a member of Commercial USA™ to cover a rebate cost. You always use whichever price is lower! On top of that, we have negotiated national agreements with over 45 key manufacturers serving the commercial flooring industry for the benefit of our members, and they also can look forward to earning additional revenues in the form of loyalty incentive payments that Commercial USA™ has negotiated on a national basis for its members to further benefit.

We provide our members with the trademark registered Commercial USA™ name for use in conjunction with their own good name and marketing, and we use F.W. Dodge reporting systems to share with its members weekly what jobs are available in your marketplace. This system makes it easy for contractors, suppliers, and other commercial flooring professionals to find jobs that best meet their expertise, whether it be carpeting, resurfacing concrete, or tile installations.

Commercial USA™ as a group also provides lifetime friends! The life of an Independent business owner can be a lonely one. Few neighbors and acquaintances understand or appreciate the time, commitment and resources required to make your business successful. We afford our members to be part of a community that treats each other like family; caring and supporting in times of need, fun loving and great to spend time with at conventions and other flooring events.

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